Drain Cleaning

Toronto Clogged

Drain Cleaning

Toronto clogged drain cleaning can become a real headache for many homeowners in the area. Once the problem is located, we then will use our process to thoroughly clean any clogs that are there.

From drain issues as simple as when your two year old has flushed his favorite toy down the toilet to the more difficult sewer backup, our plumbers have the equipment to get things flowing again for you quickly and efficiently.


$99 Clears

Any Main Drain

A Main Drain Backup is a true emergency. Toxins from the drain enter your home and can affect the health of your occupants. It’s important to get to the root of the problem to prevent future floods and health risks to your family. For $99 we will clear your clogged house main drain. A functional 4” cleanout is required. Preventative maintenance does not apply for this promotion. Results are guaranteed except for broken pipes or excessive grease.

Our Toronto Drain

Cleaning Services

We specialize in the trouble shooting and repair side of plumbing. We have the tools and necessary skills to clean any drain and unclog any interference to get your plumbing running smoothly again. We have live telephone operators standing by to serve you better so that you can expect highly skilled technicians and polite and professional service from all of our staff.