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Toronto Drain Repairs and Replacement requires cleaning and repairing broken pipes from time to time in order to operate properly. Plumbing Professionals who perform this type of work take pride in their efforts despite the fact that it is a grueling and arduous task.

These lines can be located either above ground or underground. In your house, drainage pipes are connected to sewer lines. If you are lucky the problem will be in the drainage lines themselves and not in the sewer lines. Drainage lines from the kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathroom toilets and showers are often easy to deal with compared to sewer lines. Some lines have components that are found deep underground and require special equipment to access them for a repair.


$99 Clears

Any Main Drain

We will use one of our standard 75’ cable drain machines on any single family house main drain line with exposed proper ground level cleanout in the basement, anytime between 8Am – 3Pm for $99.95. Simply the best value for Toronto Home Owners.

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Our company offers up front pricing with no hidden or emergency fees. We believe in our work and offer a lifetime warranty on any service and parts that we provide. Our technicians have fully stocked vehicles which allows them to handle any plumbing issue that may arise on the job. It takes years of experience to troubleshoot effectively, the latest best practices and technologies, and to know all of the different product brands and how to fix them