Why Is My Sink Gurgling?

a gurgling sink

Your kitchen and bathroom sinks see a lot of food scraps, waste, beard trimmings, and soap scum on a daily basis. They handle this without fail … most of the time. However, if you start to hear your sink gurgling, you don’t have to panic!

When you hear your sink gurgling, it’s not a problem that you should leave for later. Getting the plumbing issue fixed as soon as possible will give you peace of mind and protect your pipes. Most of the time, these sounds can get traced back to a few common causes that an experienced drain cleaning company in Toronto, ON, can handle. 

If you hear gurgling sounds coming from your bathroom or kitchen sink, here are the most likely underlying causes.

A Partially Clogged Pipe

Food discards will find a way to get into your sink pipes no matter how careful you are. As this debris collects in your pipes, it can pool at a certain point and begins increasing in size. As it continues to grow, the water flowing through your plumbing system will still be able to pass through; however, air gets trapped in that space and makes that gurgling sound. 

You might reach for the liquid drain cleaner to rid your pipes of that pesky clog, but you could make things worse. These commercial products use harsh chemicals to clear the clogs that can cause significant damage to older drain pipes. Repeated use can lead to leaks and a more expensive repiping service down the line. 

Issues With Vent Pipes

Your sink pipes lead your unwanted debris and waste to the sewer lines with every use. Every drain has a vent pipe that releases the sewer gas and prevents a vacuum from forming inside your system. Most of the time, the vent pipe is on your roof — away from the rest of your home — but it can still be prone to clogging. 

As trees, leaves, branches, and the occasional birds’ nests clog this vent, it can interfere with your drains and create that vacuum you wanted to avoid. These issues usually cause the gurgling you hear from your sinks. 

The Pipes Weren’t Installed Properly

If you find that the issue doesn’t lie with a clog or the vent pipe, your problem might stem from an improper installation. Sometimes, the initial installation company may have overlooked the importance of a P-trap or routing the pipes in a logical way that works with the layout of your home. These issues can be difficult to notice at first glance but will tend to cause problems for your home down the line — such as gurgling sounds coming from your sink. 

How Do I Fix a Gurgling Kitchen Sink?

The gurgling noise can quickly drive you insane if left unattended, but you have some options for ridding yourself of that nuisance. People with a plumbing snake or plunger can attempt to fix the clogged drain themselves, but if the plumbing problem persists, getting a second opinion from a drain cleaning service in Toronto, ON, is your best option.  

Keep Your Drains Gurgle-Free With Same Day Plumbing

Calling a professional plumbing expert to look at your sink can help narrow down the exact cause of the issue. Same Day Plumbing has experienced plumbers that have worked with homes of different sizes and plumbing systems. We can identify the source of the plumbing issues, help clean your drains, and deliver your renewed peace of mind. 

We have the best drain cleaning and pipe repairs — including hydro jetting — in the area. Give us a call or schedule an online appointment with us today.