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Sump Pumps in Toronto are used to remove water that accumulate  in a sump pit. Sump pits are most commonly placed in basements or crawl spaces beneath a home.The basic purpose of sump pits is to collect water in one place for easy drainage to a place away from the home or building. Water may build up as a result of a high water table, drainage from a collection system or direct run-off.

Like any equipment with moving parts, sump pumps will wear out over time and will need to be replaced. There is no general rule on how often a sump pump should be replaced since it depends on how often the pump operates.


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At Same Day Plumbing we set high standards for which we must conduct our plumbing business and we train our plumbers to these standards each and every week. We believe in long term relationships. We care about you, your home and the work we do.

Quality service is the trademark of the jobs we perform. If needed we will take care of callbacks with a minimum of inconvenience to our customers.

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