Tips For an Eco-Friendly Home Plumbing System

Running bathtub faucet wasting water.

Toronto homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their home’s water efficiency and save a few bucks on their next utility bill. Your plumbing system plays an important role in just how eco-friendly and water-efficient your home can be, but sometimes you need some help getting the best results possible. 

Sometimes, you need a company specializing in plumbing repairs in Toronto, ON, to give their expert advice on how to improve your home’s water usage. Here are some of our favorite tips. 

Inspect Your System for Leaks

If you’ve noticed your water bill rising in recent months and aren’t sure why it seems like you’re wasting gallons of water, it could be an issue with a leaky pipe. Most plumbing problems centered around leaks can be spotted with a careful visual inspection. 

Be on the lookout for the most obvious signs of leaky pipes and make a note of where they are. You can try to tighten the leak yourself or call the pros to handle the job. They can also perform a more in-depth inspection to find any possible issues you may have missed. 

Replace Old Faucets and Showerheads

You may be surprised by the impact that the water flowing out of an old faucet or showerhead can have on your conservation efforts. Your overall water-saving efforts are pointless if you have outdated options running in your bathrooms and kitchens.

A typical showerhead can deliver up to 26 gallons of water during a ten-minute shower. Installing a low-flow version can reduce that amount to 20 and still deliver the same water pressure you expect. 

Consider Pipe Insulators

Older sinks and faucets can take a long time for the water to heat up to where you need it. As you continue to let it run, the more water you waste, the less eco-friendly your home becomes. As the water travels from your water heater to where it’s needed, the temperature can drop and make the system less efficient. 

Insulating your pipes can help reduce the heat loss in the water as it travels through your system. Outdoor and exposed pipes can be insulated with foam, but Same Day Plumbing can help for more intense installations. 

Upgrade Your Water Heater

Delivering hot water throughout your home is easier with an effective hot water heater, but they are not all created equal. Older models lag behind in the energy-efficiency department, causing water usage to rise as you try to get hot water for your needs. Upgrading to a new unit can help improve your efficiency and make your home more eco-friendly. 

Installing a tankless water heater in your Toronto, ON, home eliminates the less efficient parts of your system, enabling you to get hot water delivered throughout your home when you need it the most. Since the water isn’t sitting in a tank waiting to be used, it gets warmed up as it travels through the plumbing system and ensures you don’t have to wait an unnecessarily long time for the water to heat back up again. 

Don’t Forget About Your Toilets

Your home’s toilets also use a lot of water throughout the day. If, like the faucets, you haven’t upgraded them in a few years, you could be leaving water conservation and efficiency on the table. High-efficiency toilets can help cut down on unnecessary water usage and help improve your total use — and help bring that water bill down. 

Call Same Day Plumbing to Make Your Plumbing Eco-Friendly!

Dreams of a more eco-friendly and water-conscious home aren’t the pipe dream they used to be. With the help of Same Day Plumbing, we can identify where your plumbing could use an upgrade and make a bigger effort to take care of the environment and the amount of water you use. Give us a call or make an online appointment with us today to learn more!