What Is the Average Cost of Pipe Relining?

A technician inserting a sewer inspection camera into a pipe.

If a sewer pipe on your property needs repair, you might have technicians telling you to schedule a pipe relining service. And if you’ve never needed a pipe repair before, you may be surprised by how popular this method has become over the years. Many homeowners are choosing this option since it is known for being effective and using state-of-the-art technology.

But how much does pipe relining cost? The answer to this question isn’t as straightforward as you might think. There are a few factors that can impact these sewer repair expenses overall.

Damaged or broken pipes are no small matter and should be handled as quickly as possible. If you want to know what the average cost of pipe relining is, let’s discuss everything you need to know so that you can make a quick and informed decision.

What Is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining, also known as “cured-in-place pipe lining,” is a form of trenchless pipe repair. The word “trenchless” essentially means that the technicians will perform a service that is as minimally invasive as possible. You won’t have to worry about your landscaping or front yard being torn up.

As a first step, a technician will extend a sewer camera into the pipe to understand the extent of the problem at hand. Once the issue has been looked at and it’s been confirmed that a repair is needed, a team of experts will start the pipe relining process.

During these services, technicians insert an epoxy-resin liner into the affected pipe. Once everything has been secured in place, the liner will fill with compressed air and seal against the pipe.

This epoxy resin is incredibly strong and can prevent all kinds of debris, including tree roots, from damaging the pipe. However, this repair method shouldn’t be mistaken for pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is another type of repair or replacement that involves breaking, or “bursting,” the existing pipe while also inserting a whole new pipe in its place.

How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost?

Pipe relining costs typically range from $6,000 to $12,000. When you look at these average costs, you might be wondering: why is there such a wide price range?

There is no concrete price for these kinds of repairs. When it comes down to it, it’s important to note that not every pipe relining service is the same. These differences in pricing can be due to the equipment, labor, and skill — among other factors.

What Can Affect the Cost of Pipe Relining?

Now that you know what the average cost of pipe relining is, it’s important to know what factors can affect the price you’ll be quoted. You’ll want to start with the size of the damaged pipe. If the diameter of the pipe is on the smaller side, you’ll be pleased to learn that fewer materials will be needed. Fewer materials will typically equal lower expenses.

Another factor that can affect pipe relining costs is the location of the affected pipe. If the pipe location is difficult to access or requires an access hole to be dug, you could face higher costs. Extra labor and materials will be needed to complete the job at hand.

You’ll also want to consider the extent of the pipe damage. If the pipe has extensive damage — or if there are breaks in various different locations — more time and labor will be required to fix the problem. As you can imagine, a longer time frame and more advanced techniques will likely result in higher pipe relining costs.

Pipe Relining vs. Traditional Pipe Replacement

Although we’re primarily discussing what the average cost of pipe relining is, you’re probably curious to know what traditional, “open-trench” repair methods could end up costing.

Traditional pipe replacements can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. These services can be more costly because they require more labor. It’s also important to note that these prices don’t factor into the cost of repairing your lawn and property. You’ll most likely need to dish out extra funds to plant new grass or freshen up your landscaping.

Is Pipe Relining Worth It?

All-in-all, pipe relining is usually worth it if you’re looking for an effective, non-invasive solution to troublesome, damaged sewer lines. Pipe relining costs are typically lower than traditional repairs, and they are known for lasting many years — up to five decades in some cases.

Repair or Replace Your Sewer Pipes Today

When learning what the average cost of pipe relining is, it’s crucial to realize that the exact quote you receive will depend on your specific situation. If you’re dealing with a damaged or broken sewer line, don’t hesitate to contact Same Day Plumbing for a dependable sewer pipe or drain repair.
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