Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Diagram showing how trenchless sewer repairs are performed underground.

Do you know your stuff about trenchless technology? Trenchless pipe repair is plumbing technology that has revolutionized the sewer repair process. The basic idea for this procedure is that rather than repairing or replacing your sewer pipes by digging up your entire system, a “new pipe” is inserted into the old pipe. 

There are multiple ways trenchless sewer repair can be done, such as replacing the pipe lining with a stronger material, simply burying new pipe inside the damaged pipes, and more. Without a doubt, this method has made repair service easier for plumbers and homeowners alike! 

Here are a few awesome benefits of trenchless sewer repairs:

Less Time-Consuming

Repairing the sewer line in your home can take weeks to complete using excavation. However, trenchless repair methods take a much shorter period of time, often just a few hours or a handful of days. This means that your plumbing problems are solved faster, which lets you get back to your everyday life!

More Affordable

Due to all of the specialized equipment and labor time involved with structural modification to your sewer, traditional sewer pipe replacement can be one of the most costly plumbing procedures for homeowners. However, the trenchless repair method requires significantly less time and equipment, meaning that having your sewer repaired can be much more affordable.

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re a person who wants to be more eco-friendly, chances are you’d be shocked at how much regular sewer repair can harm flora and fauna on your property. In addition, digging into your yard to find and repair your sewer line involves machines that run on gas and other fossil fuels. With minimally invasive trenchless repair, only small holes will be drilled in the ground, and things like tree roots, bushes, and plants in your yard will stay intact and healthy.

Reduce Future Plumbing Problems

As you use your home’s plumbing normally, your pipe lining suffers from wear and tear each and every day. While eroding pipe lining doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll experience plumbing problems now, it can easily lead to damaged pipes or other sewer problems further down the line. This repair service can stop problems before they become a larger issue or address current sewer issues you didn’t even know were lurking just out of your sight.

A Word of Warning

Before you call just anyone to fix your damaged sewer lines, take some time to understand that all plumbing repairs, trenchless sewer repair included, need to be done by qualified professionals. Without the right team, you lose out on all of these possible benefits of trenchless pipe repair — and you end up spending your valuable time and money fixing professionals’ mistakes rather than caring for your own home. 
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