When to Call an Emergency Plumber

Family gathered in the kitchen watching water leak from the ceiling into plastic buckets as dad calls an Toronto emergency plumber.

As a team that has dealt with all kinds of plumbing emergencies in Toronto, we’re very familiar with being on the other end of panicked phone calls. Whether you’re calling after regular business hours about an overflowing toilet, a sewer line backup, or any other plumbing problems, chances are we’ve probably seen — and repaired — your exact issue.

There are times when you might be able to wait a few hours or days until you can schedule an appointment, but there are certain situations where you need to call an emergency plumber ASAP. Here are a few plumbing issues that mean it’s time to give us a call for emergency drain repair in Toronto or another emergency service!

Burst Pipes

One of the biggest reasons you might need emergency plumbing services is if you’ve noticed a burst pipe in your home. Because a burst pipe can leak sewage, chemicals, and more into your home, it’s not a plumbing issue you should ever ignore. When you spot a burst pipe — or see a hole or crack in a pipe — it’s definitely time to rely on emergency plumbing companies.

Leaking Water Heater

A leaky water heater can leak thousands of gallons of water in just a short period of time if it’s not addressed. And even the smallest leaks are seriously harmful to your home — water damage affects everything from your walls to your floors to your home’s foundation. In addition, hot water can cause burns and other dangers to people in your home. If you’re dealing with this problem, turn off the water heater right away, then call for help.

It isn’t just water heaters to keep an eye on as you search for leaks. Any appliance connected to water lines is a water damage risk, so periodically check for leaks behind and around your washer and anywhere else in your home connected to your water supply.

Frozen Pipes

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is returning from winter vacation only to discover frozen pipes. Because frozen pipes need to be handled with care so as not to cause cracking or bursting as they thaw out, it’s always safest to call emergency plumbers for this issue. 

Sewer Line Damage

Do you smell rotten eggs or something else gross near your drains? Sometimes, it’s just gunk in your garbage disposal that causes clogged drains. While we can certainly deal with drain problems, a clogged drain doesn’t always mean it’s time to call after-hours plumbers — but there’s a catch. Sometimes, that smell isn’t coming from rotting food or a drain clog. It’s coming from your sewer line itself, letting sewer gases escape into your home. This is both unhygienic and unsafe, so you should call us immediately if you start having sewer suspicions.

Nonexistent Water Supply

Low water pressure is annoying, but at least it means you can run your sinks and showers at a trickle. However, no water coming from your faucets is a big red flag that something is seriously wrong and you need to get it fixed.

Call Same Day Plumbing!

Notice any of these or other serious plumbing problems? Don’t panic. If you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency, Same Day Plumbing will always be there for you, even after hours or on weekends. Reach out to our team today to schedule service!